Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Finally, the responsibility is finding the true perpetrators.

There ultimately is one person more responsible than any other and that is Governor Rick Snyder. How horrible this has been for anyone who cared.

The Emergency Manager law was rescinded by THE VOTE and the one man responsible for the deaths and injury to the people of Flint cancelled the will of the people of Michigan and reinstated it.

The Emergency Manager Law as it existed under Rick Snyder is very different than the original Emergency Manager Law used by past Governors to assist with cities facing problems with funding and primarily for education. The Emergency Manager under Snyder and the majority Republican legislature allowed horrible acts that lead to these deaths and injury.

This is what happens when a law violates the rights of the individual in the USA. This is Republican Hubris at nearly it's worst. Liberty and Freedom can be measured and it begins with the REGULATIONS that protect human life above any amount of money needed to return a balance sheet to function.

There were better answers than a hideous law that robbed the elected mayor and council of it's function to protect the lives of the citizens that voted. There are real reasons why local power is important. Local power provides for a city's economy, education of it's children and protections that insures the lives of it's citizens. Local power is real and this is an example of what occurs when it is discarded as 'inefficient.' Really? Inefficient? I guess that is the difference between Americans that believe life comes first and wealth comes further down the line in priorities.

Death and injury is what happens when life is given a back seat to wealth. What do you value?

December 20, 2016

Flint, MI -- Two former emergency managers (click here) appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to run the city are among four defendants charged today with crimes related to the Flint water crisis.
Darnell Earley, who served as Flint emergency manager at the time the city changed its water source to the Flint River in April 2014, was charged Tuesday, Dec. 20, in Genesee District Court.
Also charged were former emergency manager Jerry Ambrose; Howard Croft, former Department of Public Works director; and Daugherty Johnson, former utilities administrator for the city....