Saturday, July 29, 2017

When does the impeachment of Trump start?

Last I checked subverting the federal government by threatening lawmakers with their health by taking their healthcare when at least one US Senator is facing a serious health threat is a felony. Trump is not only out of line, because, the American people supply that healthcare, he is openly in violation of US Law.

He has no respect for life and needs to be removed from office.

Does Pence go along with Trump on the threats from the Executive Branch?

Members of Congress pay about 28 percent of their premiums through the District of Columbia small business health options program (DC Health Link). Perhaps Mr. Trump is unaware that Congressional members earn $174,000 annually. They are not self-insured. I don't know anyone in that tax bracket that would be self-insured with a single surgery costing tens of thousands of dollars US.

Trump is a grotesque man.