Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Trump presidency is untrustworthy.

Vladimir Putin may want to save the tigers from extinction, but, he would never enter a cage with one.

February 15, 2017
By Aaron Blake

The New York Times and CNN (click here) are both reporting that members of Donald Trump's campaign spoke with Russia frequently during the campaign.

It's worth noting that their reporting includes significant caveats. Most importantly, it's not clear these discussions involved the campaign. The Times says the contacts were with “Russian intelligence officials,” while CNN says it was with “Russian nationals known to U.S. intelligence.” And, as the Times notes, “it is not unusual for American businessmen to come in contact with foreign intelligence officials, sometimes unwittingly, in countries like Russia and Ukraine, where the spy services are deeply embedded in society.”...

There will be inevitable war between the USA and Russia. That is a fact, the only question is how many will die?

"W" did a terrible thing. He invaded an unarmed country and set up housekeeping for oil. What does Russia have the most of?

Since March 19 - 20 of 2003 the world was on alert of a "One Superpower" paradigm in the world. Every country in the world assessed it's ability to defend itself. Today we are faced with a growing willingness of countries to unhinge treaties and move into war to resolve the paradigm created by "W"'s presidency.

Is Vladimir Putin a genius strategist? Good question. He has kept Russia alive and somewhat thriving since the USSR collapsed. In some ways I don't even now if assessing Putin is important so much as assessing the large states within Russia and their leadership.

See, the one question that The West must answer is whether or not there is political will within Russian leadership to follow Putin into war with The West. If the answer is further collapse of Russia, then there is no major war in anyone's future. But, if Putin has been able to make nationalism stick so there is political will to destroy The West then there is a major issue.

Even if Putin has no political will within Russian leadership for a war with The West, there is nothing stopping him from a nuclear engagement. He has already threatened same when they first destroyed the treaty of Ukraine.

It is obvious and The West is stupid to ignore it, Russia is on the move. Russia is breaking treaties and moving forward with an agenda of occupation where it can. Russia is dangerous right now. But, can it destroy The West? Not likely, but, it could serve a blow to countries that would create a far different world than we have today. Russia would not go unscathed. Russians would pay a dear price for a president without reassurances of survival of the Russian people.

This is fact. President Obama attempted to reverse the foolishness of "W." He reached out to countries around Earth that the USA has never engaged before and placed hope where there was none. He instilled the idea that peace can be obtained and all people could have a better quality of life and ultimately happiness. Barak Obama believed that and so do I, but, with another Neocon in the White House there is little hope for peace so much as isolationism.

I think the global community has many challenges and all the hope seeded by Obama can be gone in a flash of a nuclear explosion. It can happen within seconds from now and we will be in a very different world.

Donald Trump is not capable of leading the USA in such a world.