Wednesday, December 14, 2016

There is movement among the Electoral College.

It is a movement to draft a president. Michael Bloomberg may find himself in the Oval Office. The lawsuit is probably correct and it would not take place in any other year. The electors want to be free to decide the outcome of the Electoral College vote.

The idea behind some of the restrictions with the electors is the realization that the state runs elections. So, if the state is responsible for 'the vote' the laws that restrict electors is based in state's rights. It should be interesting to see if the restrictions hold up or are constitutional.

December 16, 2016
By Claudia Melendez Salinas

...And he filed a lawsuit (click here) that would allow him to do just that. The lawsuit, filed Friday against California state officials in the U.S. Northern California District Court, says that the requirement that Californian presidential electors vote for their party’s nominee violates the Constitution and the Founders intent to have the Electoral College be an independent, deliberative body.
If Koller or other electors “don’t toe the party line, if they don’t vote along with their party, they could either be replaced or imprisoned,” Koller’s attorney Melody Kramer said. “This is a unique election cycle, and there’s some speculation that some of the Republican and Democratic electors may choose some moderate Republican if they can all agree with it.”
And the names that are being circulated? Mitt Romney, John Kasich, or Michael Bloomberg, Koller said.
“I suspect others are being discussed, but those are the names I heard so far,” he said.
Koller is the third presidential elector to sue in an effort to cast his vote independent of the party. A similar lawsuit was filed earlier last week in Colorado by two Democratic electors, according to Politico.
He’s also co-signed a letter along with nine other electors asking U.S. intelligence officials for more information regarding Russia’s alleged interference with the elections.