Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The American people don't deserve a good woman as a leader, they deserve one that wins at any cost.

I did some post election canvasing today. The Trump vote was not the Trump vote, but, the anti-Hillary vote. It all comes back to the 'perfect woman' sexism of the Republican party. Sexism defeated Hillary Clinton.

When the judgement of sexism was placed before them, they stated, "I am not going to vote for a woman because she is a woman." "I think women should have every opportunity of any man."

When mentioned there was a very sexist candidate in Donald Trump, the reply was "Boys will be boys."

The people justified their votes. They were willing to explain away the horrible sexism of Donald Trump, but, was not willing to admit Hillary Clinton was a great Secretary of State, even if there were perceived flaws. (Even when I pointed to the fact as Secretary of State she had extremely high ratings.)

When there was enough patience with me, I asked was there any time you forgave Hillary Clinton for flaws, such as not being a computer expert with emails; the answer was, "No, I didn't forgive her, she knew what she was doing and she was and still is hiding the truth."

Amazing. Trump is correct, he could murder Americans in the streets and he would be forgiven for the misunderstanding of either "Black lives matter" or "the illegals that come to kill Americans."

It was not scientific.

Opinion: When women run for office and they are faced with attacks. LIE! Lie as well as men. The confusion works.

Don't be afraid to attack the opponent personally. Make it so people laugh when the insult is delivered. So, exactly what it takes to be elected as men.