Friday, August 11, 2017

The opioid overdoes are more than opioids, it includes illegal use of fentanyl.

The picture is an envelope of mail delivered and online ordered fentanyl.

The internet is a dealers best friend.

June 27, 2017
By Casey Roman

Brunswick County, NC (WECT) -

Its about 80 times more potent (click here) than morphine and 40 times stronger than heroin.

Fentanyl is a highly regulated prescription drug intended to treat trauma and cancer patients in severe pain. Now drug dealers are accessing the synthetic narcotic on the “Dark Web” and getting it delivered right to their door....

Officers, human as well as canine, have come in contact with fentanyl while carrying out their job responsibilities.

That white powder could cost you your life. DON'T EAT, TASTE, TOUCH OR BREATH any white powder, it could be deadly.

This is just one example, there are others:

May 15, 2017

By Gaby Del Valle

After arresting two men in a drug bust, (click here) Ohio police officer Chris Green returned to the East Liverpool Police Department headquarters to fill out the necessary paperwork. When another officer pointed out a white, powdery substance on Green’s shirt, he wiped it off without giving it a second thought.

An hour later, he passed out....

There are some articles reporting successful use of Narcan on canines as well. There should be at least one of the team that remains behind with Narcan injections waiting.

August 10, 2017

More than a dozen SWAT team officers (click here) were hospitalized Wednesday after agents raided a home in Pittsburgh, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

Around 6 a.m., several agencies began executing federal search warrants at three homes. At one of the locations, SWAT team members were exposed to an unknown airborne chemical substance. The U.S. Attorney’s Office believes the chemical substance may have been fentanyl

In addition to the substance that went airborne, investigators say they found a “significant quantity of white powder” on a plate in the kitchen with several stamp bags, both packaged and empty.

Eighteen SWAT officers were taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital after the exposure caused them to become dizzy and suffer numbness. All have since been medically cleared.

“Fortunately, the individuals that were involved this morning were able to get out of the situation right away,” said Dr. Michael Turteurro, the chief of Emergency Services at UPMC Mercy Hospital. “The big thing that we did for them is we basically decreased the chance that they could be exposed to anything that was lying on their bodies or on their clothes. So the big thing is to get the clothes off them, get them showered, get them decontaminated and then have them evaluated by a medical professional.”...

Another tool in protecting life.

July 30, 2017By Eric Glasser
A seized counterfeit hydrocodone tablets in the investigation of a rash of fentanyl overdoses in northern California is shown in this DEA photo released on April 4, 2016.
...Now, a defense contractor (click here) in Pinellas County might have come up with an answer that could help local law-enforcement avoid that deadly danger.
When Largo-based defense contractor Alakai Defense Systems first came up with its portable laser system, they designed it to help the military detect explosives and chemical weapons.
But that same technology, which can be used to decipher chemicals just by pointing a laser beam at a substance, might also tell officers if the drugs they’re about to come in contact with are deadly.
“We were really surprised. We spoke with local law enforcement about bomb detection, figuring it would be some interest,” said Ed Dottery, Alakai’s President and CEO, “And they asked us, 'Can you detect fentanyl?' Part of the opioid crisis.”
Fentanyl is so dangerous the DEA recently made a video warning local police departments about its potency....
This is a methodology of a fentanyl trafficker.
August 1, 2017By Mary Murphy
The Bronx — When DEA agents (click here) stopped Carlos Ramirez, of Colorado, near the Umbrella Hotel on Elton Avenue in the Bronx, he told them he was staying in room No. 708.
The DEA had noticed Ramirez open the rear passenger door of a car and put a cylindrical package on the floor.
When the agents took a ride to the hotel’s seventh floor, they noticed something strange on top of a vending machine — right near Ramirez’s room.
It was a black duffel bag filled with 17 packages, each of them wrapped in black tape.
One of the packages was punctured, and agents thought the tan powdery substance was heroin....
Cannabis. A treatment and cure for opioid withdrawal. Some of those addicted to opioids were started by their doctors for treatment of pain. Chronic pain may have a cure with regular treatments of cannabis. 

August 3, 2017By Project CBD
...In the last year (click here) I had started making an olive oil tincture from a couple of high-CBD/low-THC strains I was growing for my dogs. Then I started using the tincture on myself. I have also since started juicing the leaves. A few months ago I decided to try and taper off of the patch again and, to my enormous surprise, there were NO withdrawal symptoms at all. I was able to cut out 5 mcg at a time. I’ve been cutting down more each week. When I started this process, I was taking 150 mcg. Now I’m about two weeks away from being at just 100 mcg. So far, I’ve had no increase in fibromyalgia pain, and no withdrawal symptoms....